Juvenile Detention Comprehensive Health Services

Camelot’s statewide, comprehensive medical team consists of a force of 125+ medical doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, APRN’s and medical records clerks, delivering medical care in each of the twenty-one Department of Juvenile Justice’s Regional Juvenile Detention Centers in Florida.  Through this program we are able to:

(1) Ensure health care services provided in facilities and programs are rendered in accordance with state and federal health care regulations and rules, and professional standards of care.  

(2) Promote the delivery of quality health care services for delinquent youth under department care and custody that ensures the right to the same degree of medical care as they would receive in the community.

(3) Assist in developing and consistently implementing necessary and appropriate health care services in department facilities and programs; and

(4) Establishing health care services within the continuum of services, which promotes adolescent health, well-being, and development. 

Some of the programs that address the youth’s health and well-being are:

  • Assessments
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Sessions
  • Psychiatry Services
  • Physicals
  • Emergency Care

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