About Camelot

Bringing Families Together For A Bright Future.  

At Camelot Community Care, this is not merely a slogan – it is our “calling”.  Our dedicated team seeks to live out this calling each and every day with respect, compassion and commitment equal to the enormous trust placed in us on behalf of our community’s most vulnerable children and families.  We measure our work against the most important yardstick we know; making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve.

 Camelot Community Care’s ability to create better outcomes for those we serve can be seen in the wide variety of effective programs that we implement and oversee.  We continue to make a positive impact that will be felt in our community for generations to come!  
As a community-based care agency, partnership, and a spirit of collaborative caring are written into the DNA of our organization.  Through collaborative partnerships with other agencies statewide, our foster parents, volunteers, and community benefactors, our mission of enabling children and families to realize their fullest potential by stopping the cycle of abuse and neglect in families and in our community is possible.  The success of this model of care continues to be demonstrated year after year.  In spite of on-going society-wide economic challenges, the state’s opioid crisis, an increase in the number of children receiving out-of-home services statewide, and flat funding, our network, and tremendous community partnerships have allowed Camelot to continue our forward-thinking approach. 

The child welfare system journey is ongoing and we would like to thank you for sharing it with us as we continue to keep our children safe and create a bright future for our most important resource.

Ron Schultz – Chairman of the Board         

Mike DiBrizzi - Chief Executive Officer

Mission, Vision, and Values 

Our Mission

To develop and provide services that enable children and families to realize their fullest potential.

Our Vision

We will excel in providing the highest quality of services that are community-based, family-centered, and highly effective.

Our Values

  • Safety: The safety of children will be of the highest priority
  • Ethical: We will maintain the ethical standards in all aspects of the company
  • Responsible: We take full responsibility for the work we do.  Children succeed because we succeed
  • Commitment: We will never waiver in our commitment to being the best. Our best practice is excellence.
  • Resourceful: We will be vigilant stewards of the funds we receive.
  • Culturally Competent and Respectful Practice: Services will be delivered in a manner that respects individual and family needs, cultural differences, and special issues.
Multi-racial family